Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hunter's Blueberry Cream Waffles

Krustez Pancake mix

Blueberry Syrup
Fresh whipping cream
Whipped cream -"the spray kind"

"Make the waffles just like it says on the back of the pancake mix bag. Except follow the directions for the waffles, not the pancakes. Put in blueberries. As many as you like. Don't forget to spray the waffle iron with pam so they won't stick. Then cook 'em. Then pour fresh cream on the waffles. Then put blueberry syrup on top. Then put on the spray kind of whipped cream, lots of it!"-Hunter
Yesterday morning Hunter made these delicious waffles. We only had a frozen berry mixture with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberry mix. Hunter only wanted the blueberries in it so he sat and picked out all of the blueberries. I thought it was so cute!
Addi said she even gives these blueberry waffles 6 thumbs up!


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