Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Erika's Strawberry BananaTrifle

1 yellow (or white) cake mix (pre-made according to directions on pkg)
2 pkg. vanilla pudding (pre-made according to directions on pkg.)
1 lb. strawberries (sliced)
1 bunch of bananas (sliced)
Homemade strawberry (or raspberry) jam
lrg. Strawberry Jello (pre-made according to directions on pkg.)
Pre-made whip cream or cool whip (I like to use homemade whip cream)

Make all items that are required to be pre-made according to directions on package first. Cut cooled cake, and jello into small bite sized pieces. Place about a quarter of the bite sized cut pieces of cake for the bottom level of the trifle. Next add a quarter or so of the pudding mix (remember you need to save some for the layers). Add the desired amount of jam you'd like to use. Next add about a quarter of the jello. Add desired amount of strawberries and bananas. Add a layer of whip cream. Then repeat the layers starting with the cake and ending with whip cream. Fill the bowl to the top with the various layers!!! Enjoy!

Now I know this is not even close to a REAL authentic English trifle, but it's still really good. If you don't have a trifle bowl, any LARGE clear glass bowl will do. We just usually fill trifle with fruits we have on hand. But Mike specifically asked for a strawberry and banana one for Fathers day. Great choice Mike!


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